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How to Enforce Sustainable Behavior?

Plastic casings collected in front of our beach cabana

[Update to this post: The non-profit organization, As You Sow ( has issued a report calling for U.S. companies who use product packaging to be responsible for the post-consumer recycling of that packaging. Click here for a link to their report.]

The family and I spent last week at New Smyrna Beach, our favorite Atlantic Coast shoreline. Beautiful sand, sunny weather (after Tropical Storm Debby made her way through), occasional shells and, probably because of the storm, uncrowded conditions. We go there every year, and other families come from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and farther points to enjoy themselves in the sun and sand. Of course, it was the week before the Fourth of July holiday, so almost every night someone was shooting off fireworks on the beach, which brings me to write this post.

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Recycling in Commercial Buildings?

recycle bin

It is widely accepted that a significant part of the waste generated by a typical office – paper, packaging, cardboard, etc. – can be recycled if it is properly segregated from other waste which is not easily recycled, such as food waste.  In the large commercial office building or development with multiple tenants, this means that literally tons of waste from a single project can be diverted each year from landfills and repurposed for use as recycled copy paper and envelopes, cardboard packaging, etc.  Why, then, is there no widespread activity in the commercial lease context to recycle everything that can be recycled?  There are multiple explanations for this lack of effort, including these:

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