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Will Central Florida’s Sunrail Work?

Commuter rail trainAs a long-time Central Florida resident and lawyer who has worked in downtown Orlando for my entire career, I was personally very excited about the approval of SunRail. I have always enjoyed using public transportation when visiting New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, and have often wondered whether public transportation would work in my hometown. I’ve even experimented with the concept by riding the Lynx bus system for a week, and wrote about it in this blog. But I am a realist when it comes to Orlando and mass transportation. I believe that, although SunRail has the potential for great success over the long term, there are several factors that may keep it from gathering the ridership it needs to be successful in the short term.

First, the factors that have the potential to quickly increase public acceptance and ridership:

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Recycling in Commercial Buildings?

recycle bin

It is widely accepted that a significant part of the waste generated by a typical office – paper, packaging, cardboard, etc. – can be recycled if it is properly segregated from other waste which is not easily recycled, such as food waste.  In the large commercial office building or development with multiple tenants, this means that literally tons of waste from a single project can be diverted each year from landfills and repurposed for use as recycled copy paper and envelopes, cardboard packaging, etc.  Why, then, is there no widespread activity in the commercial lease context to recycle everything that can be recycled?  There are multiple explanations for this lack of effort, including these:

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