If you live or work in a LEED-certified building, how should you feel? Good? Would you expect to feel no different than if you worked in a ‘normal’ building? Believe it or not, you may feel worse.  Mixed reviews are starting to surface regarding the effect that living or working in a LEED-certified building will have on human health.

A Michigan State University study published on July 15 of this year boldly declared that people who work in LEED-certified buildings are less likely to be sick, are more productive, and feel less stress than those who work in buildings which are not LEED-certified.  (Singh, Grady, et. al, “Effects of Green Buildings on Health and Productivity,” http://news.msu.edu/media/documents/2010/08/840514e8-0b32-4aa4-9fc8-276b688dfed4.pdf).  Surprisingly to us, this study relied on self-reporting of those people who had moved from a non-LEED-certified building for information as to their health, or perceived health, rather than strict scientific study.

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